I have always had a passion for creating worlds, being able to see beyond reality, and deeply analyzing its themes, especially when it comes to the great themes of human existence.

For this reason, I began my academic journey at DASS at La Sapienza, studying and delving into Theater, Digital Dramaturgy, and new media. This led me to develop a strong passion for Cinema and Photography, where I completed a three-year master's program at SRF, and founded Jaws Production, a film production company, in the following years.
Over time, I worked as an assistant for Michele Palazzi and other photojournalists, who pushed me towards an authorial vision of photography and the media itself, leading me to collaborations with Yogurt Magazine and the creation of my first book "No More Man".

My passion for video games has always remained intact, and thanks to my enthusiasm for new media, I discovered AIV, where I am pursuing a master's degree as a Level Designer and Lighting Artist.


Photographic Pubblication 


No More Man 2022,  Yogurt Editions

Collective exhibition

Garbatella Images 2021, 10b Photography, Wayfarer


Rotterdam Photo Festival 2021,  I'm not a human

Fresh Eye Talent 2021


Emmeotto Arte 2020, I'm not a human;


Preza Curates 2020, I'm not a human; 

Houston Center 2020,  I'm not a human; 

Art About 2021, Wayfarer,

Nea Magazine 2021, Of void and lost things;

Ombra Magazine 2021. Of void and lost things;

Art About 2020, Of void and lost things;

EyesOpen 2020, Of void and lost things;

Origine Mag 2020, Of void and lost things;

Perimetro 2020, Of void and lost things; 

ZoneMag 2020, Of void and lost things;  

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