Analisys Paced Bio Shock 


The paced of 6 different levels of Bio Shock.

The blue circles represent the peak of the pace at a specific point in time. The actions (see legend) are associated with constants that change over time relative to their progression.

Every action performed by the player corresponds to a value ranging from 1 to 6. I have calculated one action every 5 seconds.

The intensity corresponding to that action is then multiplied by K, which is the constant of the weight perceived by the player in performing a specific action over time. The red line is the polynomial trend line that describes the Bioshock pace curve, with the most accurate polynomial possible.

K increases based on repeated action if more strenuous in relation to Skill Matrix

Color grading gives a quick view of fast or slow points

The drop-down exel allows you to change the game parameters whenever you want by editing directly in engine spaces



Layout on figma and Pace expected of the game.
Layout through the forms on Figma carried over to Unreal Engine, Pace directly described during construction through the Game Designers' directions, allowed us to be quick in execution of the work.

*The game is a  game Jam that as a preparation phase had 3 days compared to a week of work. 


Layout on Figma with modular management 

The modules in the layout phase give me a lot of flexibility of action because having them predetermined, and being able to recreate them on UE, I can create according to the given directions, without creating spatial artifacts.  


Layout on Figma with modular management 


Using Format