Embark on an otherworldly journey as an anthropologist delving into the depths of the ocean abyss to photograph clues of an alien civilization. This ancient civilization once inhabited Earth, but was obliterated by its own hand, leaving behind only a lingering entity.

As you navigate the eerie depths, you must unearth ancient relics while avoiding being swallowed and annihilated by the remnants of the ancient civilization.

"Will you uncover the truth of their demise, or become another lost soul swallowed by the abyss?"



Neumas is a rhythmic game where players must navigate through various areas using a platforming system.

"Will you manage to find the lost path to the Tree of Life by collecting all the crystals and unlocking the different levels?"

Ninja Pizza and the Lost Pineapple Sauce Version XXL Turbo Italian Edition 2


Ninja Pizza and the Lost Pineapple Sauce Version XXL Turbo Italian Edition 2 It's a fun stealth game with a satirical theme, where, the player, through the mechanic of switching between a pizza ninja and a pizza box, aims to destroy the lost pineapple kept in the evil pizzeria by Mario's. 

The goal is to prevent them from using it to create their blasphemous pizzas.

The game is a cartoonish third-person experience with enemies patrolling the restaurant. The player, using their skills, must overcome these enemies to reach the end of the level.

"Will you be able to destroy the pineapple without getting caught by the evil waiters?"

The Route Back


The game tells the story of a worn out man enslaved by his daily routines. His job has snuffed out the light in his heart and his self has faded into the grey world. 

He finds his way back through the kind words of a friend from a letter. In a dreamlike journey he looks for the person he used to be, searching for his roots.

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