Scrum Master

  • Work time organization 
  • Task allocation 
  • Interdepartmental cooperation
  • Agile system
  • Setup Sprint
  • Jira Management 
  • Quality of Life Setup


  • Horror\FPS Game
  • 30' Gameplay
  • 6 Month project

Lighting Artist

  • Cinematics 
  • Global illumination 
  • Lighting optimization 
  • Lumen management 
  • Color Correction
  • Post Process Blend
  • Material Function


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Work Experience

I joined the team one month into the game development process, and initially, it was challenging to grasp all the internal dynamics. However, through individual and group meetings, I optimized the workflow, managed Jira, and created new work tools to balance workloads, while motivating and stimulating each team member.

The major issue with indie teams is overscoping, but through analysis and data, we managed to handle the situation.



Lighting Artist Experience

It was my first time working on a horror game, and it was rewarding to figure out how to create dark lighting while maintaining high gameplay visibility. Working on global illumination was particularly challenging, especially optimizing Lumen, as the game primarily takes place at night. Additionally, studying Fog to dirty up the image, making it both contrasting and ethereal, posed a tough challenge. 

I tried to bring my creative flair by giving off acid-like vibes to evoke a dreamlike world, working on material functions to avoid giving the player too much contact with reality.




Time Management


Using Format