Lead Designer

  • Work time organization 
  • Task allocation 
  • Interdepartmental cooperation
  • Project overview 
  • Agile system


  • Puzzle Narrative Game
  • 30' Gameplay
  • 1 Month project

Lighting Artist

  • Cinematics 
  • Global illumination 
  • Lighting optimization 
  • Lumen management 
  • Color Correction



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Work Experience

Ulfrheim was a project that lasted for a month, aiming to complete a standalone game with the requirement of implementing only one mechanic. We chose the low-poly style as it allowed us to be more flexible with assets, considering we didn't have 3D artists on the team, and to create a story that satisfied us.

 I had to make an important decision midway through the design process regarding the mechanics and puzzles, aiming for more coherence with the narrative. This decision ultimately proved right, providing linearity and sequentiality to the game.


Lighting Artist Experience

The major challenge was creating night scenes while balancing gameplay and atmosphere. I meticulously studied the color palette to provide a precise and distinctive atmosphere for each area, making the experience as immersive as possible.

Cinematics played a fundamental role in building the game, adding lore elements to immerse the player in the story.

Lighting Only

Light Complexity 



Time Management

Team Work

Problem Solving

Using Format