Lighting Artist

  • Cinematics 
  • Color study
  • Global illumination 
  • Lighting optimization 
  • Lumen management 
  • Color Correction
  • Post Process Blending
  • Widget optimization


  • Action Narrative Game
  • 30' Gameplay
  • 2 Month project

Team Lead

  • Work time organization 
  • Task allocation 
  • Interdepartmental cooperation
  • Project overview 
  • Agile system
  • Jira


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Work Experience

Victor was a project that lasted 2 months, during which I had to coordinate a team of 10 people, with method Agile and Jira. It was an experience that required problem-solving skills, effectively utilizing the resources we had in the best possible way and time.

There were many interesting challenges, such as cutting parts to meet deadlines, designing engaging gameplay for an Achiever-Killer Player Type, and optimizing Level timings to deliver a complete and functional demo. 



Lighting Artist Experience

I had to create three completely different lighting setups while maintaining a cohesive mood. I focused heavily on controlling shadows and soft mid-tones to establish a consistent atmosphere.

Lighting the outdoor scenes was challenging due to limited options for direct illumination, so I relied heavily on Global Illumination, material adjustments, and Bloom intensity.

Coordinating colors to provide complementary affordance, working closely with 3D artists, and managing Volumetric Fog were some of the most demanding yet rewarding aspects of the process.

Light Complexity -Level Dream-

Lighiting only-Level Dream-

Light Complexity -Level Nightmare-

Lighiting only -Level I Act-

Light Complexity -Level I Act-

Lighiting only -Level Nightmare-






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