Luca Brunetti


Luca Brunetti was born in Rome, in 1990. After graduating from DASS at La Sapienza University, he worked in film as a production manager, completing then a three-year Masters at Scuola Romana di Fotografia. At the sametime he worked as assistant to two photo-journalists and co-founded a film production company, Jaws Production.
Through the years he worked together with FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), the Goethe Institut (Centro Culturale Tedesco) and OMAR (Osservatorio Malattie Rare).
He obtained various specializations in post-production and pursuedseveral personal projects about identity, published in many onlinemagazines such as Origine Magazine, Perimetro and Art-About.
His style moved in a more experimental direction, keen to use a new language, after his work with Yogurt, since 2018. In 2020 he and a partner founded the online magazine Fotonica, as a space for the research and promotion of artists who share the same idea of experimentation with the photographic medium and the same interest ina combination of multimedia and photographic linguistics.

Collective exhibition

Garbatella Images 2021, 10b Photography, Wayfarer


Rotterdam Photo Festival 2021,  I'm not a human

Fresh Eye Talent 2021


Emmeotto Arte 2020, I'm not a human;


Preza Curates 2020, I'm not a human; 

Houston Center 2020,  I'm not a human; 

Art About 2021, Wayfarer,

Nea Magazine 2021, Of void and lost things;

Ombra Magazine 2021. Of void and lost things;

Art About 2020, Of void and lost things;

EyesOpen 2020, Of void and lost things;

Origine Mag 2020, Of void and lost things;

Perimetro 2020, Of void and lost things; 

ZoneMag 2020, Of void and lost things;  

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