No more man

 “Nomore man" poses new questions about male sexuality andunderlines the influence of the pornography on the way men experiencethe eroticism.

“Whenmy body was lost, dragged in an obsessive gloom, the prospect of hopewas absent from my grasp. 

Mymember was shut down.

I'vestretched out my symptoms annihilating the concept of the woman andeven the man that I was.

Theproject is about a man, myself and many of those like me that havelost their manhood for different defined and unfortunately, alsoundefined reasons. It's about the obsession of the idealised visionof the sexual act that is defaced by every defeat and obedience froma body that doesn't respond anymore. It is about men, about anidealising society, projections and internal divisions. It speaksabout me, where I have been and where. I have felt and lived my pain:nowhere.”

Therepetition of bodies, actions and of the same pixels represent, in"no more man", a way to underline the visual bulimia ourIdentity is subjected to, over and over again.

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