Luca Brunetti

Of void and lost things

This project is a reflection on the sense of loss, on the inevitablevoid accompanying the awareness that the order of things has beensubverted. Talk about disintegrated everyday life. It isolates that dullfeeling, which pervades the moment when nothing is as it wasbefore, trying to create a visual parable that tells how, in front ofthis painful sensation, all social differences are canceled, and it isnot important how you get to that state of suspension but whenyou are but when you are loaded with this painful sensation, you areall the same. "Of void and lost things" is a transference comparingthe pain of the disappearance of one's father with the pain of theexodus that has lost its status quo, its normality. The project thenbecomes a metonymy on human pain starting from a category " theexodates " to transfer it to the social fulcrum, the ego, showing thatin pain there cannot and must not exist differences or distances.   

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