Forseken Revenge


Forsaken Revenge is an Action game with Puzzle elements.

A young boy watches as his village is abandoned due to gentrification, leaving him alone as his parents and friends have all left him.
After months of solitude, he snaps and heads to the city seeking revenge.

Many of his former villagers have not fared well and have become the dregs of society. Using clues, he tracks down his former friends and unleashes his vengeance, even killing his father, who had always mistreated him.

Returning to the village, he reflects on how revenge is not the answer to living, leaving him completely alone.


Three to One

Third Person Action Narrative based

The goal is to defeat enemies across three levels and confront the final boss in search of self-discovery through collectibles that recount the protagonist's story.

Part I

In a sci-fi city, the objective is to reclaim one's humanity by recalling the past, battling enemies that serve as reflections of the self.

Part II

The city erupts, fracturing and mutating, blending different parts of the cityscape together.

Part III

The world lies in ruins, and the city is entirely fused with what once was its form.

Personal Project


Zero, This Is Not a Game

It's a walking simulator that aims to depict the union of the individual and their relationship with their identity

In the level, the player will rediscover their masculine side through an encounter with a father figure symbolized by a black-and-white tree. 

A TV on a canopy bed represents the societal imagination that influences the self

The hall with the monolith and the Venus statue symbolize the search for the feminine and one's own knowledge, leading to the rediscovery and integration of the different parts of the self.

Speed Level

Speed Levels are levels created within 6 hours, aimed at enhancing personal skills and execution speed, with 2 photographs produced per project.

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